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Prop request

Postby fredrg » Sun Mar 31, 2024 3:28 pm

Could you please use a bike horn like this in some of your scenes? ... 1024680267 It adds alot of kink to your scenes, and some variation. They insert the horn into either her pussy or ass, then they fuck the other hole and try and make the horn make sound. It could be put in both her pussy or ass. So the idea is very kinky. They put the horn in her pussy for example like they link I listed, and then they fuck her ass and try to make it honk. This was done earlier in Holly Hendrixs clown gangbang scene for kink and it was very well recieved. Could this be put in some of your scenes? And if someone also wants to see this, please comment under this. I am desperate to see some variation in the porn I watch.

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