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Re: troubles

Postby hyapet » Mon May 13, 2024 7:15 am

horst.adler85 wrote:Still no news from NRX :(

I think, all things considered, with how spectacularly everything imploded ... it's safe to say that the studio might be gone for good.

That's completely unfair to say. Everyone involved - from Nick to the talent scouts to, just, well, everybody - might be laying low for the moment. But, even then, considering how much went wrong, where would one even start to put the empire back together?

And - it's like - alright. You're going to risk going into hostile territory - that became hostile because of the actions you took - surrounded by enemies on all sides - all of your past talent has either gone on to shoot for different studios or just moved altogether - and it becomes, like ...

You're going to start over in the most volatile region that pretty much has you as target # 1? Without your talent? I mean ...

What's the point?

Not only this - but more and more girls everywhere are flocking to OF. So, overall, there are more options now for girls to go different routes and do different things.

That's not to say that all hope is lost. They very well could be working behind the scenes to put something incredible back together. This forum is still here - meaning that, everything being what it is, AVLP still considers them a studio. But ...

How much time is going to pass before it's essentially like ... yeah.

And what can Nick do about the Ukraine war? What can he do now that everybody got involved in a bad way with the local government and police departments because of what he essentially started?

I keep hearing that the guy is in Dubai. I mean, if he can afford to be there, as in, he's got that kind of money, and the home turf has been poisoned to the degree it has by all angles and aspects of reality, like ...

What do you expect to do? Pack a bag and go Nevalny himself? He seems smarter than that.

Things change with time. But ... even Erika Korti Studios has officially relocated to Europe. I think it's safe to say that Nick might not be hungering to go shoot European models (re: not as naturally beautiful or pretty) - and start up everything there - so that he can ... what? Produce not as good porn than what he did years prior?

I still remember the tweet where he said that he was burned out and pretty much finished with the scene. From everything that I heard that went down - that makes ... perfect sense, actually. So ...

Best not to get your hopes up too high. I mean, absolutely anything can happen. It really can.

Just don't count on it.

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Re: troubles

Postby malvarezlaw » Tue May 14, 2024 6:49 am

NRX seems to be a museum piece. Everyone is waiting for the new Erika Korti and Faplex scenes. Meanwhile, Yummy is shooting amazing scenes with Eva Tender and, according to her agent, if her scenes sell well, they're going to be importing more Russian talent. Since Brazil is a member of BRICS, travel from Russia is not a problem.

The future is looking much brighter. Nick can stay in Dubai (or wherever). There's a lot of talent in Eastern Europe and a new market with both EK and Brazil.

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Re: troubles

Postby jxkbnmttte » Tue May 14, 2024 7:24 am

Nick has moved on it seems so far away to restart now.

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Re: troubles

Postby cry.1972 » Tue May 14, 2024 3:54 pm

NRX is gone for good.
Now it's EKS the new sensation.

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Re: troubles

Postby YuriyProneBone » Tue May 14, 2024 5:50 pm

Nick can return any time he wants. Crystal people that complaint are very few, and become irrelevant. Most people only care about the hot girls getting big deep cocks up their ass.

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Re: troubles

Postby dap-addict » Tue May 14, 2024 6:17 pm

malvarezlaw wrote:There's a lot of talent in Eastern Europe and a new market with both EK and Brazil.

I wouldn't count on EK yet, it's too early to say whether it's really a re-start.
Nick could maybe keep the scouting up in Russia, but transfer the girls to São Paulo and Medellin for shootings according his ideas with local or transferred Russian studs. For this he'd need a Russian resident out in Brasil or Colombia he trusts and doenst betray after all that happened.
Plus with this option is fees went down tremendously which faciliates turnaround. And he could also shoot some local Latina talents if they fit his criteria. He himself could probabely even settle there instead of Dubai - if he cared to do so.

Talent in the supposed EK countries is there, but they cant perform at Latina fee base because life there is more expensive. Fees in Brasil and Colombia are the cheapest now and they open true new opportunities IF girls feel they are treated fair and with due respect.
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Re: troubles

Postby malvarezlaw » Wed May 15, 2024 5:09 am

dap-addict, do you have any information about Nick creating a business model in South America?

As for the rates in Brazil, I imagine Russian girls would enjoy the weather and lifestyle in Latin America. It might make working there worthwhile, despite the lower fees.

As for EK, do you have any new thoughts or insights into what is happening?

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Re: troubles

Postby rakdobi » Thu May 16, 2024 10:29 am

The amount of material Erika had to film and produce before the raid, and still had in stock, is pretty impressive. While they're not at the level of quality she would normally do (with the exception of lana banana , who takes each scene to the edge) what she can produce in such a short time is great.

I dont like the 6on2 or any kind of two girls, It takes the focus off. 2on1, 3on1 I think that's enough. That was exactly the style she was producing for LAB before she opened the studio. Every scene was awesome.


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